Corporation details - SUNDERING [F3AR]
Alliance: Goonswarm Federation CEO: Whitenight
Kills: 3708 HQ:
Losses: 21 Members: 350
ISK destroyed: 3,549.09B Shares: 4000
ISK lost: 5.28B Tax Rate: 12%
Efficiency: 99.85% Website:

Corporate Director Contacts:
Whitenight - USTZ
DaStampede - USTZ
Lil Maniac - USTZ
MagicCommander - EUTZ
Scooter McCabe - USTZ
Dawn Rhea - Corp Diplomat
Corporate Head Recruitment Officer:
Scooter McCabe - USTZ
Loonyfkr - USTZ / AUTZ
Lil Darlin - USTZ

Recruitment Team:

Dawn Rhea, Lil Darlin, Loonyfkr and Celtic Phoenix
Blank Applications Will Be Rejected!

sundering ops for more info
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10 Most recent losses

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