Corporation details - Merch Industrial [MRCHI]
Alliance: Goonswarm Federation CEO: Anehiixii
Kills: 4007 HQ:
Losses: 22 Members: 123
ISK destroyed: 4,025.38B Shares: 30000
ISK lost: 7.74B Tax Rate: 15%
Efficiency: 99.81% Website:
Anehiixii stole the CEOship in the middle of the night, and no one cared. He's Gonna Carry That Weight.

We are the offical "dramabubble" corp of Goons. We house DBRB, Bomberwaffe and Mentakona's Lightly Used Buttes.

was in need of some R & R. Nowadays you can find him sipping Kentucky Bourbon on the Beaches of Monaco. Don't bother sending him a bottle, he'll send you two!

Mordoc gets to do all the heavy work.

Kael Attrell is the brave soul that waded through piles of soiled corp applications until he got banned from PA. Please send him a bottle of KY as a token of appreciation.

Muliphen directs the shooting of all space things and sometimes out of space things.

Zareph occasionally logs on in a burst of activity, then vanishes for two months, repeat.

Top Killers
May 2020
Pilot Kills
Nylaklerk 1. Nylaklerk 11
All time
Pilot Kills
Nylaklerk 1. Nylaklerk 1036
Brock Gallor 2. Brock Gallor 625
Isalden 3. Isalden 594
mvlastcall 4. mvlastcall 251
Pharyx 5. Pharyx 243
Joycalyn 6. Joycalyn 215
hyprviper1 7. hyprviper1 191
Jasper Lalonde 8. Jasper Lalonde 145
Roy Garfield 9. Roy Garfield 97
Dabigredboat 10. Dabigredboat 81
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