Corporation details - Volition Cult [.VC.]
Alliance: Goonswarm Federation CEO: Narrky
Kills: 2241 HQ:
Losses: 12 Members: 179
ISK destroyed: 1,887.53B Shares: 1500
ISK lost: 0.28B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.99% Website:
Volition Cult is always looking to recruit exceptional pilots both young and old. We are seeking combat pilots, miners, industrialists, scientists.

Director: Nikita Van-Gogh
Ashade Grey
Director: Emnar Thidius

Adminstrative Directors:
Jake Spear (CA)
Kenco (UK)
Azariah Baleth (US)
Recruitment status:
Selective (Discord)
Join our Discord and talk to us in the recruitment tab with a link to your killboard and we will gladly reach out to you.

Nikita Van-Gogh :
At this time our primary activities consist of running missions, mining, Large/Small gang and Solo PvP, exploration, production, invention, & research.

Employment Benefits Include:
Mumble, Website, Forum, & Killboard

Discounted Ship Prices
Friendly Team Environment
New Player Assistance Programs
Mineral & Alloy Purchase Programs
Corporate Capital Ship Assistance

Employment in Volition Cult requires dedication to the corporation and a commitment to achieving its long-term goals. Pilots are expected to be active participates in New Eden in some form or another. Assistance is available for newer players who are willing to learn and put forth effort. If you think Volition Cult might be a good fit for you please contact us.
Our General Discord is here!
Top Scorers
April 2021
Pilot Points
Zept Volcan 1. Zept Volcan 2810
Hygea Hintersil 2. Hygea Hintersil 2810
Emnar Thidius 3. Emnar Thidius 2695
Manic Depression 4. Manic Depression 820
lion Unfortunate 5. lion Unfortunate 100
All time
Pilot Points
Emnar Thidius 1. Emnar Thidius 112876
Lim Carter 2. Lim Carter 54888
Jake Spear 3. Jake Spear 39497
OnyxPlexus 4. OnyxPlexus 32531
lion Unfortunate 5. lion Unfortunate 29429
hanabal drake 6. hanabal drake 28021
Lykaon Retsu 7. Lykaon Retsu 27836
Manic Depression 8. Manic Depression 27320
fairdea 9. fairdea 21150
Frater Tzadkiel 10. Frater Tzadkiel 20340
Grayco 11. Grayco 18533
republicov 12. republicov 16118
Hygea Hintersil 13. Hygea Hintersil 15468
Anthony Mong 14. Anthony Mong 14300
princess abbie 15. princess abbie 13833
Zept Volcan 16. Zept Volcan 12766
Kyostii Topias 17. Kyostii Topias 11208
JimOndi 18. JimOndi 10115
Tetractys 19. Tetractys 7915
Josh Basaker 20. Josh Basaker 7505
Hanna Amatin 21. Hanna Amatin 7355
Amelie Rouge 22. Amelie Rouge 6740
Kris Night 23. Kris Night 6214
TheBlackbulb 24. TheBlackbulb 5290
Discriminator 26. Discriminator 5100
LeBourruac 27. LeBourruac 4975
Alexander Cliovelle 28. Alexander Cliovelle 4766
xxWhiskyxx 29. xxWhiskyxx 4642
xxresartusxx 30. xxresartusxx 4282
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