Corporation details - GoonWaffe [GEWNS]

Alliance: Goonswarm Federation CEO: The Mittani
Kills: 10082 HQ:
Losses: 42 Members: 1763
ISK destroyed: 5,023.26B Shares: 100000
ISK lost: 9.16B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.82% Website:
FNLN: i killed my moms and my god. j/k. god isn't real and is a human concept. do babys ever think of god? no. because hes fake. baby geniuses was true... i guess.
dintlu: babies they cannot talk. if they know of god they cannot communicate of god. in growing they learn about adults needs to control information: Knowledge is Power. the baby genious indulges the moronic parent
FNLN: the baby thinks. it looks. ity understands. baby becomes ahigher being. baby is chrsit itself....??? maybe in your world. but you're in our world now.
dintlu: god is the ultimate. he is every baby
dintlu: also in every baby. he is their past and present. not their future. babys are left by god and become neitchze
dintlu: the baby grows and the baby is dead but not dead. only god is dead
FNLN: the baby. it always was about the baby. never about me, or her... just. ababy.
dintlu: you communicate. you are grown, not a baby, godless adult: resized devil
FNLN: holy shit
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