Corporation details - The Dead Unicorn [TDEUN]
Alliance: None CEO: ikhereks
Kills: 0 HQ:
Losses: 2 Members: 20
ISK destroyed: 0.00B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.05B Tax Rate: 2.5%
Efficiency: 0% Website:
"Now its time to break up with the system
Our reasons are clear and listed
Come on and change the cause of the history
Take off disguise of that rotten mystery
Are you here to prove you are winning?
Your shackled dreams are waiting and screaming
You are the one who controls your relieving
Don't let your last unicorn die in here"
10 Most recent kills

No data.

10 Most recent losses
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Querious, 49-U6U (0.0)
I: 4 C: 0
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