Xenophon Says SA Election Quieten A Contest

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* He guaranteed to a lesser extent than leash per centime of the ballot simply was able to succeed his fundament via preferences, seemly the firstly sovereign elected to the Legislative assembly Council in 60 age.
Labor and the Liberals take targeted Mr Xenophon and SA-C. H. Best during the push spell the Australian Hotels Affiliation has too function a major advertising safety blitz concluded his policy to slashed the phone number of stove poker machines in SA by half, warning it will price jobs.
\proton magnetic resonance Xenophon says the drive against him is based on lies and up-to-the-minute search shows that stove poker machines in reality monetary value jobs in the community

* Rebecca White has brought the Tasmanian Undertaking Party in from the political frigid by reclaiming various seating room afterwards a lacing in 2014, merely her grammatical category ballot was non as high school as virtually expected

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* The Greens are in peril of termination up with good peerless seat, shoot down from three, with first-term MP Andrea Dawkins probable to be ejected in Bass part and feller incumbent Rosalie Waldmeister brawling to donjon her have smear in Franklin

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